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About Modern Wellness

What does it mean to be well in a modern age? How do we attain emotional and overall well-being? Modern Wellness LLC is unlike other traditional therapy practices you may have come across on your journey. We promote a whole-person perspective of well-being. We recognize that wellness is not a singular state of being, but an overall set of skills and competencies. These skills allow people to function optimally in their lives, to bounce back from adversity, and to achieve a sense of purpose.

There have been four key factors identified to emotional wellness which are Awareness, Connection, Insight, and Purpose. Here at Modern Wellness LLC we use these components to help you build a meaningful and valuable life. We’ll help you become aware of unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior, and develop the skills necessary live life in a new way. You’ll learn to relate to yourself in more positive ways and connect to the people and things that bring value to your life. At Modern Wellness you will find all the tools you need to support positive change in your life.

Components of Wellness

Through individual therapy and other offerings, Modern Wellness promotes a whole-person perspective of well being. While emotional health is our focus we will explore other components of wellness and help you to build full and meaningful life for yourself. Research has identified other components of wellness to include social connectedness, stress resilience, physical health, meaning and purpose, sense of self, spirituality, exploration, and creativity. Our emotional, mental, and physical selves are an interconnected system and we must take into consideration all aspects of the self to achieve well being. Here at Modern Wellness we want to help you look at the whole self in order to restore balance and value in your life.



Our philosophy is that we all, as human beings, have an essential need for support and connection. We believe that anyone with the right support can overcome whatever obstacles they are facing. People heal when they feel safe enough to be able to show their true selves, explore their inner world, and create new ways of relating to themselves, others, and the world around them. We partner with you to help you work through your own individual challenges in ways that are unique and specific to you.

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